K1 43

K1 43 - Carbon X with green nose

The K1 43 is the first model from our new K1 series. More stability than other racing kayaks makes it the perfect master and marathon boat. Due to the production with prepreg carbon in the autoclave, which is familiar from Nordic Kayaks, extremely low weights are achieved with very high stiffness values ​​(Carbon X less than 7kg).

The characteristics correspond to those of our surfskis with pedal control and a “surfski style” seat.

K1 43 - CarbonLite S whale grey with pink nose

Construction and Design

Autoclave Prepreg Technology – All boats and paddles at NK are made with prepreg carbon in an autoclave. This is one of the most expensive and complex production processes and is not yet widespread in the kayak world. Due to the homogeneous material distribution of prepregs and the high, precisely defined temperatures and pressures in the autoclave, the boats and paddles achieve extreme strength with low weight. The individual layers form a very intensive connection, which ensures a very long service life and high reliability of the boats. The technology is otherwise used in space travel or Formula 1.

Carbon X naked

Limited availability. Extremely light and yet hard. 

Painting: none!  

Priority on lightweight construction, minimal cosmetic blemishes may occur.


< 7,0kg (fully equipped)

Price: 4.195 €

CarbonLite S (Special)

Sandwich structure made of 100% UD prepreg carbon and a core made of Divinycell foam.

Light and hard.

Finish: matt black, white, gray

Matt visible carbon throughout the cockpit.


7.4kg (fully equipped)

Price: 3.695 €

CarbonLite R (River)

100% prepreg carbon as a mix of unidirectional and woven carbon.

Robust and flexible.

Optimized for tough use with “ground contact”. Comes with standard and folding rudder.

Finish: brushed gray


8.3kg (fully equipped)

Price: 3.795 €

Dimensions and data

K1 43

Length: 520cm

Width: 43cm

Recommended athlete weight: 65kg – 95kg 



  • carbon pedal rudder
  • „Surfski-Style“ seat
  • Standard rudder: Marathon
  • optional: deBrito Self Bailer, bulkhead


Surf, Weed, Race and Marathon

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