Gordan Harbrecht
Photographer: Björn Nehrhoff

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Hello. I am Gordan (aka Flash), mechanical engineer, professional athlete and joined Nordic Kayaks as an athlete in January 2019.

A very successful sporty year in my Nitro 640 in 2019 was the basis for an ever-increasing collaboration with NK. The opportunity to bundle my theoretical knowledge from my studies and my expertise on the water was and is incredibly attractive to me and results in full-time work for Nordic Kayaks on all fronts.

Since 2021 I have been managing director of Nordic Kayaks GmbH based in Rostock and your contact for the Europe-wide sales of boats and our accessories.

The clinics and coaching offered here are managed and organized by me. Years of experience as a professional athlete in canoe racing at the highest international level and the Trainer A license of the German Olympic Sports Confederation acquired in 2020 qualify me to optimize your performance on the water and in everyday life.


Fredrik Lindström founded Nordic Kayaks together with Peter Bringby in 2006 in Vaxholm, Sweden. The dissatisfaction with the boats on the market at that time and the awareness of being able to create something better were the catalyst for the development of the first Nordic Kayak – the Rocket. This laid the foundation for the subsequent innovative developments of the Fusion and Rapido.

With the support of experts from the fields of hydromechanics and CAD design, they succeeded in setting new standards on the market. Her own years of experience with racing boats made it possible to build on the successes and to even surpass them with the release of the series Nitro, Storm and Squall.

In the meantime, the NK fleet has been expanded and optimized so that the right boat can be found for every skill level.

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The Office

Do you need help? Do you have any questions about an invoice? Can’t find your way to coaching?

We will help you! We – that is Gordan (advice on boats, clinics, etc.) and Doreen (administration, invoicing, shipping, etc.)

If you have general questions, please contact us using our contact form and we will answer you at short notice.

If it is urgent, you can reach Gordan on the number: +49 176 211 87128